Stacey Maples MS’05

Great faculty. Great facilities. Great curriculum.

Home: Stanford, California

UT Dallas Degree: MS – Geographic Information Sciences, 2005
Profession: Geospatial Manager at the Stanford Geospatial Center

My Work

As the Geospatial Manager at The Stanford Geospatial Center, I provide support and collaboration to the Stanford research community in capturing and making sense of the “where” of their work. My work mapping the research interests of scholars has taken me from the beaches of Martha’s Vineyard, to Kurdish Northeastern Syria, to the most remote areas of the Mongolian/Chinese border. An archaeologist by training and a technologist by temperament, I am interested in all aspects of mapping, from the aerial imaging of archaeological sites using kites and balloons, to the development of platforms for the gathering of volunteer geographic information. I have over 18 years of experience using Geographic Information Systems and Geotechnology for research and teaching, with expertise in a broad range of geospatial and supporting software and hardware.

The Value of My Degree

We had fantastic faculty at UT Dallas and a wide range of Theory, Method and Technical Training included in the UTD GISci Program. That and my experience as a Teaching Assistant for various GIS courses left me well prepared for the wide range of applied GIS I need to support at Stanford.

My EPPS Success

Great faculty. Great facilities. Great curriculum.

Advice for EPPS Students

Eat, drink and sleep Geostatistics. It’s the biggest hole in the current pool of qualified GIS Specialists and Researchers for academia.