Rebecca Tudor BS’94

Your degree has the potential of offering you an exciting life that has an incredible impact on your world.

Home: Allen, Texas

UT Dallas Degree: B.S., Economics and Finance, 1994
Profession: Co-owner/Co-founder of Twinrose Investments and Twinrose Development Company

My Work

I currently put together partnerships (raise and document equity), to acquire or develop industrial buildings and shopping centers, using mortgage financing. Also serve in an executive capacity for the real estate services company that manages, leases, and maintains the buildings.

The Value of My Degree

My degree is directly related to my current position because I use my understanding of economics and finance to properly underwrite acquisition targets as well as structure financial deals that match the business plan of the property.

My EPPS Success

I am a passionate student and always have been. I will enjoy learning every day of my life. I graduated with honors and completed my degree in 5 years while working full time at a professional job in real estate appraisal and giving birth to two daughters during this same time period. Concurrently with undergraduate studies, I secured real estate salesman’s license and completed 7 graduate level courses through The Appraisal Institute.

During college, I participated and was a leader in the Economics Honor Society, Omicron Delta Epsilon, and initiated a campus guest lecture series. As an alumnus of the University of Texas at Dallas, I am currently working with the School of Management in the creation of real estate undergraduate and graduate degree programs and helped the university identify key alumni who are leaders in the real estate industry for participation on an alumni advisory board.

Advice for EPPS Students

Your degree has the potential of offering you an exciting life that has an incredible impact on your world. Don’t underestimate your potential. If you have input on a topic – go to the individuals who are writing the next policy on that topic and be heard. There is a considerable amount of power in the behind the scenes work of writing the documents.