Efrat Israeli MA’04

One better studies something he likes than just spend time and money on a subject he started and discovered as not being fit for him.

Home: Tel-Aviv, Israel

UT Dallas Degree: MA – Sociology, 2004
Profession: Lawyer and Novelist

My Work

I work as a lawyer in Israel practicing mainly family law. I actually work in “crisis management” – being also a social worker and a psychologist on top of handling the legal matters. It is hard but rewarding work since I feel that I contribute to the client’s ability to go on with their lives to a better future.

I have recently published my new historical fiction novel HER PROMISED ROAD in Amazon, inspired by the chronicles of Golda Meir‘s early life and her mission to the United States in the 1930s. It depicts the challenges, deliberations and passionate soul searching of a young woman in her early thirties – her natural desire to be loved, an obligation to family, and the urgency of the mission ahead; while questioning if her promised road is worthy of the heavy cost to her personal life… and heart.

Honors/accolades, additional degrees received, and/or previous work/positions held

I came to live in Dallas in 2001, already having a Law Degree from Tel Aviv University and working as a lawyer from 1988. As I came, I took a leave from law and wanted to expand my horizons and learn something totally new to me – hence I chose sociology. After receiving my master’s degree, I taught “Introduction to Sociology” at Collin County Community College. In 2006, I went back with my family to live in Israel. Since then, I have made a living as a lawyer while vigorously pursuing my love of writing prose.

The Value of My Degree

The academic content was broad and exceeded my expectations. As for the faculty members – Prof. Richard Scotch welcomed me to the program and was very attentive to my needs and subjects of interest. Most of the teachers were highly qualified professionals and also showed a genuine interest in me as a person, which contributed to my drive to get deeper in my studies. I was just happy to come and learn and broaden my horizons.

My degree is not directly connected to my profession as a lawyer, but it did affect my whole life! Studying in UT Dallas helped me to immerse in the new American society I came to live in and made me “feel at home” in the US. It also opened my mind and soul to experiment in new subjects that I did not dream I would do, such as teaching in college and writing prose. Actually, my first novel One Dream Too Far (published in Israel in 2011 and being translated now to English) was inspired by the time I spent in America.

Advice for EPPS Students

Do not be afraid to reconsider your area of interest as early as the undergraduate level (and even switch to a totally different program if needed). Higher education costs a lot of money, and one better studies something he likes than just spend time and money on a subject he started and discovered as not being fit for him.