Brandon Roberts PhD’05

There is a wealth of knowledge available to you in EPPS. Absorb all that you can while you have the opportunity.

Home: Jackson, Mississippi

UT Dallas Degree: PhD – Public Policy and Political Economy, 2005
Profession: President, Premier Insights, Inc.

My Work

I am a banking industry economist and founder and president of Premier Insights, Inc., a research-consulting firm I founded in 1995 that specializes in statistical and economic analyses and provides an array of services to the banking industry.

In addition to my consulting practice, I’m also an independent scholar and have published research articles in scientific journals and books related to banking, economic and policy issues. I occasionally serve as a source to various media outlets for comment on economic and banking topics, and am a frequent contributor to business and trade journals such as the Memphis Business Journal and Mississippi Banker.

I have also started another business, Radiant Lending Technologies LLC, which I am also the President. This is a software startup featuring a product for commercial banks.

The Value of My Degree

Getting my PhD from UT Dallas is the single most important career decision I have ever made. I cannot overstate its importance and believe it’s one of the primary reasons for my success. It seemed the program was tailor-made for my career track, and that, combined with the quality of the faculty, has served as a catalyst. I’ve been able to take what I learned and apply it directly to my field, and have been greatly enriched by the experience.

My EPPS Success

The doctoral program in political economy was very challenging. I believe the key to my success was dedication and motivation, and being able to see the applicability of the knowledge I was gaining. I was also surrounded by bright and highly motivated people who further challenged me. I also appreciated the professors and their desire to see me succeed. I have great respect for the faculty at UT Dallas.

Advice for EPPS Students

There is a wealth of knowledge available to you in EPPS. Absorb all that you can while you have the opportunity – don’t take it for granted. Don’t just try and ‘get your card punched’ – apply yourself and maximize the experience. And, keep learning and growing when you leave, and remember to give back.