Alisha Kim (Fall 2017)
“New models of multilateralism: Investigating the dynamics of transboundary water governance”
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Anh Pham (Fall 2017)
“Exploring Determinants for Recruitment and Retention of Family Doctors for Rural Practice in Vietnam: Lessons From A Discrete Choice Experiment”
Professor: Dohyeong Kim

Priyanka Vyas (Fall 2017)
“Examining Spatial Mismatch in the Supply and Demand for Maternal and Child Health Services in Bangladesh”
Professor: Dohyeong Kim

Yingyuan Zhang (Fall 2017)
“Chinese Residential Housing Policy Evaluation”
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Agustin Palao Mendizabal (Summer 2017)
“Mexico’s Credit Guarantees Program: Financial Inclusion and the Promotion of Rural Development”
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Xiang Cai (Spring 2017)
“Affordable Housing Policies in China: A Comparative Case Study”
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Matthew McDonough (Spring 2017)
“The Effects of Defense R&D on Technological Progress: Resource Diversion Versus Spillover Benefits”
Professor: Lloyd Dumas

Ayesha Tahir Hashmi (Summer 2016)
“Islamic Finance in the United States: Adoption and Adaptation”
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Ferzana Dara Havewala (Spring 2016)
“The Dynamics Between the Food Environment and Residential Segregation: Separate Menus in Metros, Counties and Neighborhoods”
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Ryan Krone (Spring 2016)
“Human Organization, Democratic Rule of Law and Presumptive Legitimacy: A Cross-Country Examination of a Global Dataset”
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Roy Robbins (Spring 2016)
“An Inquiry Into the Effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement Upon Four Texas Counties on the Texas-Mexico Border”
Professor: Euel Elliott

Yi-En (Mike) Tso (Spring 2016)
“Locations for Emergency Shelters in Taiwan: A Policy Issue in Disaster Preparedness”
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry and Dohyeong Kim

Irwanda Wisnu Wardhana (Spring 2016)
“Business and Social Efficiency of the Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises: Evidence from Data Envelopment Analysis”
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Osamah A. Almuayyad (Summer 2015)
“Effects of No Child Left Behind on the Performance of Texas Public High Schools”
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Young Joon Oh (Summer 2015)
“Agent-Based Network Modeling for the 2008 Financial Crisis and the Sluggish Recovery”
Professor: Euel Elliott

Lokenathan (Logan) Palanisamy (Summer 2015)
“Internal Control Financial Reporting and Firm Performance: A Public Policy Evaluation of Section 404(a) of the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002”
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Brandon W. Seitzler (Summer 2015)
“National and Religious Identity and Political Culture: Southern Baptist Missionaries in Brazil”
Professor: Jennifer S. Holmes

Cheri Colter (Spring 2015)
“Spatial Inequality and Academic Outcomes: An Analysis of Neighborhood Factors Affecting Student Performance”
Professor: Brian J. L. Berry/James C. Murdoch

William Carlos Grover (Spring 2015)
“The Efficacy of Price Control of Address Wartime Inflation”
Professor: Brian J. L. Berry

Ying Jia (Spring 2015)
“Venture Capital in Chinese Economic Growth”
Professor: Brian J. L. Berry

Mary Frances Miller (Spring 2015)
“Regional Differences in Dairy Supply Response to Price and Policy”
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Julie Ellen Burlingame Percival (Spring 2015)
“Variation in High School Dropouts and Their Outcomes”
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Scott James Briggs (Fall 2014)
“Health Information Technology: Assessing the Impact of Electronic Medical Records in Primary Care”
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Alexis Jill Cass (Fall 2014)
“Financial Knowledge, Fringe Banking and the Near Poor”
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Corey A. Hendon (Fall 2014)
“Polity Futures: A Fiscal Policy Innovation for Globally-Integrated Communities”
Professor: Euel Elliott

Alero Esimaje Akporiaye (Summer 2014)
“Political Risk and Multinational Corporations: Case of Multinational Energy Corporations”
Professor: Patrick Brandt

Malinda Hicks (Fall 2013)
“Reducing Disparities in the Use of Treatments for Depression and Other Mood Disorders: Does Site of Care Matter?”
Dallas Regional Office of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Michelle Powell Leake (Summer 2013)
“Do School Districts Have the Tools They Need to Hire Effective Teachers? Deriving Predictors of Teacher Effectiveness from Information Available to School District Hiring Personnel”
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Adrianna Mae Phillips (Summer 2013)
“Theories of Representation and Policy Implications for the Voting Rights Act of 1965”
Professor: Thomas L. Brunell

Mehrzad Ahlberg (Spring 2013)
“Values and Development: Associations between Culture and Global Competitiveness”
Director of Admissions, Dallas International School
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Yi-Bin Chang (Spring 2013)
“Personal Value Orientations and Redistribution: Why Do People Not Support Redistribution Even if They are Suffering from Economic Distress?”
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Rubia da Rocha Valente (Spring 2013)
“Effects of Racial Discrimination on High School Performance and College Admission in Brazil”
Post-Doctoral Research, UT Dallas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

James David Michael Latham (Spring 2013)
“The Impact of Conditional Cash Transfer Programs on Human Capital Accumulation”
Research analyst, Catalyst Commercial, Inc.
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry, Jennifer S. Holmes

Kara L. Sutton (Spring 2013)
“Socioeconomic, Behavioral and Health Determinants of Functional Status Decline and Institutionalization”
Self-Employed Consultant
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Olga Carolyn Stain Taylor (Spring 2013)
“Maternal Social Reproduction in Job Corps Youth”
Organizational Development Consultant
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Duong Thanh Truong (Spring 2013)
“Public Enterprises and Economic Performance: An Examination of Vietnamese State Owned Enterprises”
Software Engineer at National Bankruptcy Services, Inc.
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Musafare T. Mupanduki (Summer 2012)
“An Analysis of the Nature of and Remedies for Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa: Focusing on Zimbabwe”
Chief Executive Officer, Consulting Group, Zimbabwe – Africa
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Jesus Alejandro Tirado-Alcaraz (Summer 2012)
“Has Progresa-Oportunidades Alleviated Poverty in Mexico and Affected Mexican Domestic and International Migration?”
Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University – Lubbock
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Rubana Ahmed (Spring 2012)
“Access to Credit by the Poor: The Role of Peer-to-Peer Lending Via Not-for-Profit Organizations”
Research Associate at The Unviersity of Texas at Dallas Institute for Urban Policy Research
Professors: Brian J.L. Berry & James C. Murdoch

Lisa Anne Donnan Anderson (Spring 2012)
“Where Technology Meets Regulation: Investigating the Impact of the SEC’s Electronic Filing Requirements on Earnings Estimate Accuracy”
Conifer Health Solutions
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Prachi Gupta (Spring 2012)
“Demand Side Management: An Approach to Peak Load Smoothing”
Senior Pricing Analyst at Luminant, a Subsidiary of Energery Future Holding Corp.
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Jeffery Alan Ayres (Fall 2011)
“Do Neighborhood Associations Help Sustain Inner-Ring Suburb Home Property Values?? An Analysis of the Richardson, Texas Market for Single Family Homes 2007 Through 2009”
Senior Financial Analyst, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Professors: Brian J.L. Berry & James C. Murdoch

Jekabs Bikis (Fall 2011)
“Efficiency of the Welfare State: A Comparative Approach Using Data Envelopment Analysis”
Associate Dean, College of Business, Dalas Baptist University – Texas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Ping Penny Chen (Fall 2011)
“Universities’ Entrepreneurial Performance: The Role of Agglomeration Economies”
Marketing Manager, ZTE Corporation
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Kimberly M. Jones (Summer 2011)
“The Effectiveness of College Readiness Programs: Evidence from a Program in Dallas Independent School District”
US Dept. of Commerce – Washington, DC
Professor: James C. Murdoch

Steven G. Conover (Summer 2011)
“U.S. Middle Class Income Stagnation, 2000-2007: Reality or Illusion?”
Commentator/Analyst for a National “Think Tank”
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Lavada Strickland (Summer 2011)
“The Effects of Technology on Educational Outcomes”
Sr. Statistical Analyst, Governments Division State Finance and Tax Statistics Branch, US Dept. of Commerce, US Census Bureau – DC
Professor: Simon M. Fass

Sheheryar Banuri (Spring 2011)
“Three Essays on Corruption: Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Anti-Corruption Policy on Individual Behavior”
World Bank – Washington, D.C.
Professor: Catherine C. Eckel

Monica Elizabeth Brussolo (Spring 2011)
“The Kuznets Hypothesis Revisited: Exploring Mexican Inequality at the Sub-National Level”
Assistant Director of Institutional Research Collin College
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Victor Pedro Vela Contreras (Spring 2011)
“Hispanic Migration in Dallas County”
Professors: Richard K. Scotch & Irving J. Hoch

Carol Cirulli Lanham (Spring 2011)
“Lessons in Sobriety: An Exploratory Study of a Recovery High School and Its Graduates”
Senior Lecturer, Sociology, School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Olayemi M. Olabiyi (Fall 2010)
“Essays on HIV/Aids and Development Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa”
Professor: Sheila Amin Gutierrez de Pineres

Iyabode Ayodeji Ajiboye (Summer 2010)
“International Technology Transfer to Less Developed Countries, Firm Characteristics and Domestic Investment Climate: A Mimic Model”
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Mohamed El-Komi (Summer 2010)
“Poverty: Alleviation through Microfinance and Implications on Education”
Economics and Finance, Durham University – England
Professor: Rachel Croson

Yu Xue (Summer 2010)
“An Empirical Investigation of Occupational Choice and Human Capital Accumulation at Mid-Life”
Research Scientist, Texas Schools Project, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Paul Jargowsky

Adam Guerrero (Spring 2010)
“The Determinants of College Student Retention”
Chair/Associate Professor, Economics, Northwood University
Professor: Paul Jargowsky

Seokmin Kang (Spring 2010)
“Foreign Direct Investment by U.S. MNCS: Economic, Political, Demographic Determinants”
South Korea
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Sarah Scott (Spring 2010)
“Why Participate? The Determinants of Participation in the Texas Voluntary Cleanup Program in Dallas”
Commerce Department – Washington, DC
Professor: James C. Murdoch

Yimin Ye (Spring 2010)
“FDI and Economic Growth in China”
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Donald Jeffrey Keyser (Spring 2010)
“Innovation, Development Dynamics and Market Exclusivity in the U.S. Drug Industry, 1994-2006”
CEO/Founder, ZSPharma Inc.
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Sai Loganathan (Fall 2009)
“Diffusion of Incremental Medical Innovations: The Case of Drug-Eluting Stents”
Policy Analyst at Health Quality Strategies Inc., – New York
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Yavuz Akalin (Fall 2009)
“Essays on the Role of International Institutions in Political Stability and Democracy”
Business Administration, Arizona State University
Professor: Harold Clarke

Matthew Openshaw (Fall 2009)
“The Health Impact of Limited Armed Conflict: Individual-Level Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa”
Information Service Coordinator, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Marie I. Chevrier

Osvaldo Tello Rodriguez (Fall 2009)
“Globalization and Democracy in Latin America”
Chief of Staff, Economic Committee of the Mexican Congress
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Teresa Nelson (Summer 2009)
“Hispanic Dropouts and Pregnancies in Texas Public High Schools”
Independent Consultant/Researcher – Texas
Professor: Nathan Berg

Kaikaus Ahmad (Summer 2009)
“Slum Growth in the Rapidly Urbanizing Developing World”
Bangladesh Government – India
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Maria Labastida Tovar (Spring 2009)
“Essays on Policies that Influence International Factor Mobility”
Research Associate/Lecturer of Economics, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Jimmy Lynn Verner, Jr. (Spring 2009)
“A New Look at the Minimum Wage’s Effect on Employment”
Attorney, Private Practice
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Honsoo Kim (Fall 2008)
“Job Mobility and Pension Participation”
Government of Ministry – South Korea
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Carlos Mendiola Amador (Fall 2008)
“Harvesting Biotechnology Ventures: Modeling the Probabilities for Alternative Liquidity Events”
Infometric Consultants Founder, Principal – Mexico
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Bobby F. Praytor (Fall 2008)
“Water for the Metroplex: An Assessment of the Planning and Forecasting Techniques of Dallas Water Utilities”
Head, Long-Term Planning Dallas Water Utilities – Texas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Paul Dabbs (Summer 2008)
“Factors Affecting Normative Student Transitions from Elementary to Middle School”
Plano Independent School District – Texas
Professor: Kurt Beron

Kristin Kuhne (Summer 2008)
“Pre-K Effects in Texas”
Associate Director, Texas Schools Project, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Paul Jargowsky

Wei Lin (Summer 2008)
“The Impact of Federal R&D Obligations on the U.S. States’ Economies”
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Jodie Foster (Spring 2008)
“Three Essays on Groundwater Depletion and Groundwater Conservation Districts in Texas”
Army Corps of Engineers – Texas
Professor: James C. Murdoch

Stephen Kiser (Spring 2008)
“Effect of Cross-Border Trade on the Texas Space-Economy”
Regional Economist, Dallas Division of Insurance and Research FDIC -Texas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn (Spring 2008)
“Subjective Wellbeing/Life Satisfaction/Happiness: Determinants of Values at the Individual and Societal Levels”
Research Scientist, Texas Schools Project, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Gian Aryani (Fall 2007)
“Bounded Rationality and Police Vehicles: The Political Economy of Law Enforcement Procurement Decisions”
Director, Research and Administration, A&L Engineering and Consulting – Texas
Professor: Kurt Beron

Justin Mausel (Fall 2007)
“Economic Growth and Convergence in the European Union: Evaluation Using a Multi-Faceted, Political Economic Approach”
US Government Accountability Office – Washington, DC
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

John Dimitry (Summer 2007)
“Political Affiliation and Deference Decisions in Cases Involving Federal Administrative Agency Rulemaking”
Senior Legal Counsel, DHL
Professor: Anthony Champagne

Janice Francis (Spring 2007)
“Pawnbroking: Organization and Role of an Industry in Transition”
Tarrant County Community College (Ret.) – Texas
Professor: Simon Fass

Ling-Chun Hung (Spring 2007)
“Market Entry and Market Value: Linking Biotechnology Innovation to Value Creation”
Assistant Professor, Public Policy and Management, Shih-Hsin University
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Irene Ngugi (Spring 2007)
“Evaluating Learning Outcomes in the Context of School Finance Equalization: A Study of the Robin Hood Policy in Texas”
Kenya – Africa
Professor: Wim Vijverberg

Yoonhwan Park (Spring 2007)
“The Relationship Between Suburbanization and Crime in U.S. Metropolitan Areas”
Assistant Professor, Public Administration College of Social Sciences, Kyonggi University
Professor: Paul Jargowsky

Julia So (Spring 2007)
“Commitment to School or Commitment to Work: Asian American Teenagers in Comparative Perspective”
Part-time Adjunct Professor, Sociology, Central New Mexico Community College and 2010-11 President, National Speakers Association of New Mexico.
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Fengxia Xiao (Spring 2007)
“Linking Venture – Capital Investment to New – Firm Formation”
Capital One – Texas
Professor: Donald A. Hicks

Melissa Alvarez-Montgomery (Spring 2007)
“The Impact of Medicaid Expansions of Asthmatic Children”
CMS Department of Health and Human Service, Federal Medicare/Medicaid Agency
Professors: Paul Jargowsky & Richard K. Scotch

Kruti Dholakia (Fall 2006)
“Determinants of Birth Outcomes in Texas”
Clinical Assistant Professor, Economics, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Wim Vijverberg

Marion Busche Mcgregor-Triano (Fall 2006)
“Jurisdictional Control of Conservative Spine Care: Chiropractic Versus Medicine”
Professor/Director of Undergraduate Education, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College – Canada
Professors: Euel Elliott & L. Douglas Kiel

Farahnaaz Khakoo (Summer 2006)
“Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: Examining the Effects of Disaggregated Official Development Assistance”
Government Accountability Office – Washington, DC
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Pernilla Johansson (Spring 2006)
“Is There a Female-Specific Pathway to Serious Delinquency? A Partial Empirical Test of Howell’s Suggested Pathway to Serious, Violent and Chronic Offending”
Manager of Research and Statistics at Dallas County Juvenile Department – Texas
Professor: Kimberly Kempf-Leonard

Brandon Roberts (Fall 2005)
“Medical Malpractice: Effects of Local Litigation Disparities on Local Medical Costs and Physician Supply”
Premier Insights – Mississippi
Professor: Euel Elliott

Sharon Wrobel (Summer 2005)
“The Effectiveness of Language Minority Programs in a Large Texas School District: A Longitudinal Case Study”
Assistant Professor, Public Administration, Institute of Government, University of Arkansas – Little Rock
Professor: Paul Tracy

Rui Yang (Summer 2005)
“Does Suburban Development Help Produce Economic Segregation”
Workers Compensation Research Institute – Massachusetts
Professor: Paul Jargowsky

Paul Iroghama (Summer 2005)
“Bandits or Rulers? Sources of Perceived Political Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa”
Researcher – Nigeria
Professor: Harold Clarke

Jeannette Oshitoye (Spring 2005)
“Racial/Ethnic Disparities in the Pharmacological Management of Pediatric Asthma Patients”
Public Health Foundation – Delaware
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Sarah Craren (Spring 2005)
“The Political Economy of Global Deforestation”
Program Analyst, Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General – Texas
Professor: Lloyd Dumas

Stephanie Martin (Spring 2005)
“Determinants of Well-Being in Inupiat and Yupiit Eskimos: Do Communities Matter?”
Assistant Professor, Economics and Public Policy, The University of Alaska
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Steven Wolfson (Spring 2005)
“Racial Profiling in Texas Department of Public Safety Motor Vehicle Searches: Race Aware or Race Benign?”
Attorney/Educator, The University of Phoenix
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Kalpana Pai (Fall 2004)
“Academic Performance in Texas Schools: Micro-Econometric Models of Student Achievement”
Assistant Professor, Economics and Finance, Texas Wesleyan University
Professor: Wim Vijverberg