Courtney Brecheen (Fall 2017)
“The Pursuit of Access, Equity, and Diversity in Public Higher Education: Social Capital Considerations and Underrepresented Minority Enrollment in California, Texas, and Michigan Universities”
Professor: Sheryl L. Skaggs

Jeffrey Moshier (Summer 2017)
“Sticky Policy: The Effectiveness of Policy Diffusion for a Federal Block Grant in Texas”
Professor: Doug Goodman

Laura Jackson (Spring 2017)
“Toward A Theory of Local Elections: Building A Theoretical Framework By Analyzing School Bond Elections”
Professor: Doug Goodman

Aikaterini Ioanna Anestaki (Fall 2016)
“Organizational Conflict in Public Service: Conflict Management, Contextual Factors, and Employee Outcomes”
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Thomas B. Spencer (Summer 2016)
“Research Administrative Burden: Policy Analysis into the Components and Definitions”
Professor: Richard K. Scotch and Donald R. Arbuckle

Anna Fountain Clark (Summer 2016)
“Uncertainty, Threat, and Opportunity: Examining the Risk Preferences and Perceptions of Public Employees”
Professor: Sheryl L. Skaggs and Young-joo Lee

Anna Roome (Spring 2016)
“An Examination of the Characteristics and Determinants of At-Risk and Non-At-Risk Students in a Texas Independent School District”
Professor: Euel Elliott and Donald R. Arbuckle

Paola Cantarelli (Spring 2016)
“Setting an Agenda for Exploring the Causes of Unethical Behavior in Government Workplace: a Meta-Analysis of Experiments on the Roots of Unethical Behavior”
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Bruce L. Jones (Fall 2015)
“An FMRI Study of the Reward Preferences of Government and Business Leaders”
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

James A. Scott (Fall 2015)
“US Telehealth State Policies: A Forecast of Texas Telehealth Trends to Medicaid Beneficiaries”
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Kwang Bin Bae (Summer 2015)
“Three Studies of Human Resources: Insight into Family-Friendly Policies and Gender Diversity”
Professor: Sheryl L. Skaggs

Julie B. Haworth (Summer 2015)
“The Impact of Social Networks on Residentail Water Conservation Drip Irrigation Workshops into the Plano, Texas Area”
Professor: Euel Elliott

Robert S. Blake (Spring 2015)
“Health Care Public Reporting and Consumer Hospital Choice: Data Displayed by CMS Upon Discrete Hospital Choices of Texas Residents, 2008-2012”
Professor: Sheryl L. Skaggs

Roxanne Baker Burleson (Spring 2015)
“District Variations in Student Outcomes: A Case Study of Texas Schools”
Professor: Sheryl L. Skaggs

George Ray Dobson (Spring 2015)
“Predicting the Probability of Texas Municipalities Outsourcing Human Resources Management Functions”
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Ji Han Lee (Spring 2015)
“More Public Oriented or More Private Oriented? Quasi-Government Employees’ Public Service Motivation by Organizational Factors”
Professor: Doug Goodman/Young-joo Lee

Valerie L. Miller (Spring 2015)
“The State of Water Policy in North Central Texas: Where do We Go from Here?”
Professor: Brian J. L. Berry

Imane Hijal-Moghrabi (Spring 2015)
“Does the Fiscal Crisis Lead to Innovation in Budgeing? The 2007-2008 Fiscal Crisis and its Influence on Performance-Based Budgeting in the Largest Cities in the U.S. and in Texas”
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel/ Donald R. Arbuckle

Marcene Blakey Royster (Spring 2015)
“See Me, Hear Me: Perspectives of African American Men on Providers of Healthcare”
Professor: Simon Fass

Dionne Anna Peniston (Fall 2014)
“Incarceration and Father-Absence: An Exploration of Fatherhood After Prison”
Professor: Simon M. Fass

Soner Senel (Fall 2014)
“Evaluation of a Leadership Training Program by Applying Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Model: The Case of Turkish Prefect Interns Training and Development Program”
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Nana Kusi Appiah (Summer 2014)
“A Study of Factors Influencing Public Officials and City Planners to Engage Citizens in Governmental Land-Use Decisions”
Planning Manager, Adams County, Colorado
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Cahit Celik (Summer 2014)
“Performance Appraisals’ Fairness Perceptions and Public Service Motivation: The Case of Turkish District Governors”
District Governor, Ministry of Interior, Turkey
Professors: Doug Goodman & Meghna Sabharwal

Huzeyfe Citer (Summer 2014)
“Employment at Will or Civil Service System? Human Resource Practices in Local Governments in Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan Area”
District Governor, Turkey
Professor: Doug Goodman

Bradley William Davis (Summer 2014)
“Emergency Management and Disability: An Analysis of Collaboration at the Local Level”
Professor: Lawrence J. Redlinger

Erdinc Filiz (Summer 2014)
“The Affects of Personality on Executive Decision Making from the Five Factor Model and the Naturalistic Decision Making Perspectives: The Case of District Governors”
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Salih Gelgec (Summer 2014)
“Servant Leadership and Public Service Motivation: Antecedents of PSM in the Instance of Turkish District Directors of Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundations and Registry Offices”
District Governor in Ayvacik, Canakkale, Turkey
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Mehmet Samil Horasanli (Summer 2014)
“Do EU Policies Matter for Turkish Civil Society? The Case of EU Funded Associations in Batman Province”
District Governor, Cizre, Turkey
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Gokhan Ikitemur (Summer 2014)
“Enhancing Cyber Security in Turkey through Effective Public and Private Cooperation”
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Jacob Nkuma Irukwu (Summer 2014)
“Inadequacy of Strategic Human Capital Development: A Narrative Inquiry of Nigeria”
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Sezer Isiktas (Summer 2014)
“Burnout Among Public Administrators: Case of Deputy Governors and District Governors in Turkey”
Professor: Doug Goodman

Erhan Koyuncu (Summer 2014)
“The Relationship Between the Perceived Leadership Styles of Turkish District Governors and Their Leadership Effectiveness”
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Bruce Warren Lewis (Summer 2014)
“Campaign Promises to Legislative Action: Factors that Determine Presidential Success in Agenda Achievement”
Professors: Euel Elliott & Donald R. Arbuckle

Zvisinei Meki (Summer 2014)
“The Informal Diamond Trade in Africa South of the Sahara”
Professor: Simon M. Fass

Kubilay Sara (Summer 2014)
“Job-Related Psychological Well-Being among Istanbul, Turkey Police Officers”
District Major of Police, Turkish National Police, Turkey
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Thananuch Tapaneeyakul (Summer 2014)
“Clean Food for All: Public Health Campaign and Food Safety Awareness: A Case Study of Thailand”
Professor: Simon M. Fass

Memduh Tura (Summer 2014)
“Conflict and Cooperation in Turkish Metropolitan Governance: A Mixed Methodology Approach”
District Governor, Turkey
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Rami A. Yousef (Summer 2014)
“Toward Effective Construction Safety: Application of Morphological Analysis to the Arabian Gulf Region”
Professor: Simon M. Fass

Eliza Del Carmen Alvarado (Spring 2014)
“Getting Out the Youth Vote: Findings from a Natural Experiment in the Rio Grande Valley”
Office of Congressman Ruben Hinojosa
Professor: Simon M. Fass

Nora Campos (Spring 2014)
“The Path to Earned Income Tax Credit Participation: Are Community Coalitions Beneficial?”
Internal Revenue Service
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Galia Cohen (Spring 2014)
“An Agency-Level Analysis of Turnover Behavior and Turnover Intention: Evidence from the U.S. Federal Government”
University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio, Jr.

Kyle Coby Pewitt (Spring 2014)
“Volunteers in Police Service: A Case-Study of a Medium-Sized Municipal Law Enforcement Agency”
Richardson Police Department
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Kelley Edmonds Stone (Spring 2014)
“Creating an Information Sharing and Analysis Center: A Case Study of the North Central Texas Fusion Center”
Collin County
Professor: Robert W. Taylor

Maria Balderas (Fall 2013)
“Free and Charitable Clinics: The Impact of Care to Undocumented Immigrants”
Dallas Regional Office of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Scott Clayton (Fall 2013)
“The Limits of Administrative Discretion: An Evaluation of Supreme Court Justice Breyer’s and Scalia’s Judicial Review of Agency Policymaking and Interpretation”
Federal Government Accountability Office, Dallas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Heather Flabiano (Fall 2013)
“Through the Lens of Maslow’s Hierarchy: Understanding Endowment Accumulation at Private Colleges and Universities”
Administrator for St. Louis University
Professors: Jeremy L. Hall & Richard K. Scotch

Thomas Maglisceau (Fall 2013)
“The Decrease of Social Capital in Adolescents as a Manifestation of the Negative Effects of Parental Divorce”
Principal, Rockwall-Heath High School
Professor: Sheryl L. Skaggs

Christopher P.D. Boone (Summer 2013)
“Addressing Informatics Barriers to Conducting Observational Comparative Effectiveness Research: A Comparative Case Analysis”
Vice President, Avalere Health, Washington DC
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Mark Lee Clark (Summer 2013)
“Strategic Innovation within Hybrid-Enterprise Organizations”
Professor, Collin College; beginning August 2014: Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship (tenure-track), Department of Management, New Mexico State UnIversity
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Kyle Douglas Edgington (Summer 2013)
“Leadership in Higher Education Fundraising: Chief Fundraiser Leadership Style and Follower Self-Efficacy”
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

India Ileen Stewart (Summer 2013)
“Permanent Supportive Housing for Women and Families in Dallas, Texas: Service Utilization, Outcomes and the Lived Experience”
Senior Lecturer, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, UT Dallas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Janiece Elaine Upshaw (Summer 2013)
“Volunteerism as a Community Response to Public Acts of Violence: Case Studies of the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Tucson, Arizona Mass Shooting”
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Jayshree Bihari (Spring 2013)
“Policy Responses to Kyoto: Three Contrasting Cases”
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Malik H. Dulaney (Spring 2013)
“In the Clouds: The Implications of Cloud Computing for Higher Education Information Technology Governance and Decision Making”
Academic IT Director, University of Dallas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Doric E. Earle (Spring 2013)
“Forward Dallas! An Evaluation”
Program Services Director, Compucon Corp.
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Todd Alan Jordan (Spring 2013)
“The Intersection of Organizational Change and Public Sector Labor Relations in the Badger State: Assessing the Management of Changes to Collective Bargaining Rights”
Professor: R. Paul Battaglio

Dawnetta M. Miller (Spring 2013)
“LGBT Social Movement History: From 1990 Efforts in Hawaii to Marriage Equality in Massachusetts to the Approval of the 2004 Anti-Marriage Constitutional Amendmen”
Sales Director, Cafe Favorites
Professor: Richard K. Scotch, Sheryl L. Skaggs

Kathleen Rose Ryan (Spring 2013)
“The Career Paths of Texas State Representatives in the 82nd Legislature”
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Victor O. Owuor (Fall 2012)
“Destabilizing Dark Networks: The Case of the Somali Piracy Saga and Its Financial Implications for Kenya”
Project Manager, One Earth Future, a Nonprofit, Broomfield – Co
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

John Miles Ray (Fall 2012)
“Toward a More Democratic American Policing Model: Understanding Community Oriented Policing as a Practical Application of Deliberative Democratic Theory”
Deputy Sherrif Office, Tarrant County – Texas
Professor: Edward J. Harpham

Jerry W. Rutherford (Fall 2012)
“What Are the Effects of Tax Abatements and Government Incentives on Economic Development? A Study of Select Texas Cities”
Lumenate Oil and Gas – Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Alicia Ann Makaye (Summer 2012)
“African American Congregations and Charitable Choice: The Factors that Drive Willingness to Collaborate with the Federal Government”
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Terry Lee Blacketer Hockenbrough (Spring 2012)
“Weaving a Net that Works: The Evolution of the Collin County Homeless Coalition”
Director of Service Learning, Collin College – Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

John Richie McCaskill, Jr. (Spring 2012)
“The Effectiveness of Coordinating Military and Nongovernmental Organization Activities in Complex Humanitarian Interventions: Testing Policy Options with”
Office of Evaluation at The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Hubert E. Sales (Spring 2012)
“Affecting Philanthropic Propensity: A Case Study of Dallas Social Venture Partners”
Assistant Professor, Belmont Abbey College in Charlotte – NC
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Olufemi Olarewaju (Fall 2011)
“Harnessing the Sun: Developing Capacity to Sustain Local Solar Energy Systems”
Research Fellow at the Center for Public Policy Alternatives in Lagos (Nigeria), Pproviding Policy Research Analysis for the Energy Sector, CPP is a privately funded think-tank
Professor: Simon Fass

Jesse K. Porter (Fall 2011)
“Sub-Saharan African Immigrants in the United States: A Narrative Inquiry of Their Assimilation Experiences into Mainstream American Society”
Professor: Richard Scotch

Melinda Rodgers (Fall 2011)
“Police Department Efficiency: Texas, 2008”
Managing Partner, Trinity Analytical Services, LLC – Texas
Professor: Brian J.L. Berry

Joseph K. Darmoe (Summer 2011)
“Status, Benefits and Challenges of E-Government in Municipal Government: An Empirical Study of E-Government in the City of Terrell, Texas”
University of Shana
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Hilary Odion Donald Evbayiro (Summer 2011)
“A Historical Analysis of Federal Policies on Health Care Fraud”
Texas Health and Human Services Office of the Inpector General – Dallas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Gilberto S. Gonzalez (Summer 2011)
“Teacher Autonomy in Light of Managed Instruction”
Dallas Independent School District – Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Jan Kallberg (Summer 2011)
“The Internet as a Proxy for Democratic Accountability and Transparency – A Comparative Test of Waldo’s Five Problem Areas in Five Advanced Democratic Societies”
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Daniel G. Ledbetter (Summer 2011)
“McKinney: How and Why an Affluent Suburb Integrates Socioeconomically”
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Robert T. Woerner (Summer 2011)
“The Comparative Advantages of the Northstar Mental Health Model”
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Christine Piet DeLaTorre (Spring 2011)
“An Implementation Analysis of Threat Assessment Policies in Public Universities and Community Colleges in Central Texas: A Post Virginia Tech Incident Assessment”
Professor, Business Administration, Collin College – Texas
Professor: Donald R. Arbuckle

Eric S. Metcalf (Spring 2011)
“The Impact of Media on the Timelines and Efficiency of Organizational Communication: Testing Information Richness Theory with Agent-Based Models”
Director of Imormation Services, Sherriff’s Department Fort Worth – Texas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Randolph C. Moravec (Spring 2011)
“The Leadership Attributes of Finance Directors of Texas Cities”
Finance Director, City of Addison – Texas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Jason Cooley (Fall 2010)
“Career Paths of Black City Managers: A Survey of Black City Managers in Texas and the Conflict between Professional and Community Norms”
City of McKinney – Texas
Professor: Richard Scotch

Jean MacDonald (Fall 2010)
“Executive Communications-Issue Framing and Agenda Setting: Presidential Inaugural Speeches and State of the Union Addresses, Washington to Lincoln”
Adjunct Professor, College of Business, University of Oklahoma – Edmond
Professor: Euel Elliott

Metta Alsobrook (Summer 2010)
“Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes in a University Setting: The Case of The University of Texas at Dallas”
The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Euel Elliott

Metin Arslan (Summer 2010)
“The Effects of Community Policing on Crime and Crime Clearance Rates in Texas”
Turkish National Police
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Richard Baldwin (Summer 2010)
“Timber Industry-Based Communities in Crisis: Leadership Collaboration and Response-Research Findings from Seven Western Oregon Counties”
OC Investments
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Halil Baltaci (Summer 2010)
“Crime Analysis: An Empirical Analysis of its Effectiveness as a Crime Fighting Tool”
Turkish National Police
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Christopher Bartels (Summer 2010)
“Examining the Impact of Performance Measurement and Risk Assessment in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex”
US Internal Revenue Service
Professor: Jeremy Hall

Momodu Omamegbe (Summer 2010)
“African Brain Drain: A Narrative Inquiry on Human Capital Flight from Sub Saharan Africa to the United States”
FMC Financial Services
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Gerel Oyun (Summer 2010)
“Fiscal Federalism, Interstate Spillovers and Public Spending on Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services”
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Yavuz Ozbaran (Summer 2010)
“The Relationship Between Turkish Traffic Enforcement Officers’ Job Satisfaction and Officers’ Perception of Their Leaders’ Leadership Styles”
Turkish National Police
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Rodney Patten (Summer 2010)
“J. Texas Council-Manager Municipalities: Is DeFacto Separation of Powers Created by City Attorneys?”
City of Plano – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Ugur Sen (Summer 2010)
“Social Capital and Trust: The Relationship between Social Capital Factors and Trust in the Police in the United States”
Turkish National Police
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Mohammed Awad (Spring 2010)
“Volunteerism in Non-Profit Sector – A Case Study of Palestinian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in the West Bank”
Alquds Open University – Palestine
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Ishak Celik (Spring 2010)
“Environmental, Organizational and Individual Determinants of Crime Analysts’ Problem-Solving Capacities: A Contingency Approach”
Turkish National Police
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

DeLawnia Comer-Hagans (Spring 2010)
“Disparities in Dilated Eye Exams Among Adults with Diabetes: An Intersectional Approach”
Richland Community College – Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Samuel Crouse (Spring 2010)
“The Nature of the Federal Aviation Administration State Block Grant Program in Texas: Redistributive or Distributive According to Lowi’s Theory?”
Consultant, EM Solutions – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Martinella Dryburgh (Spring 2010)
“Public Virtue, Cyber-Vice: Rethinking Public Service Ethics in the Age of the Internet”
Carrollton, Texas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Kurt Hall (Spring 2010)
“The Effect of Computer-Based Simulation Training on Fire Ground Incident Commander Decision Making”
Fire Department, City of Allen – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Susan Hergenrader (Spring 2010)
“An Experimental Study of the Effect of Addressing Non-Conscious Factors in Ethical Decision Making During Ethics Training in Public Administration”
City of Plano – Texas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Jo Ann Hughes (Spring 2010)
“A Case Study of the Implementation of the Reading First Grant in the Dallas Independent School District”
Dallas Independent School District – Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Sunim Jung (Spring 2010)
“Appointed Officials and Elected Officials in South Korea Municipalities”
National Assembly – South Korea
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Brenda Kihl (Spring 2010)
“Meeting Public Expectations Through Networks: The Collaborative Advantage of a Multi-Institutional Teaching Center”
Collin College – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Yasin Kose (Spring 2010)
“Social (DIS)Organization and Organized Crime in Turkey”
Turkish National Police
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

David Mark Scott (Spring 2010)
“Assessing the Law Enforcement Labor Shortage and Its Effect on Police Officer Misconduct in the State of Texas”
City of Longview – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Thomas Browning (Fall 2009)
“Three-Share Health Care Plans: One Local-Level Response to Meeting the Needs of the Uninsured”
Office of the Inspector General Federal HHS Dallas – Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Sartaj Chanchal (Fall 2009)
“Exploring “Workplace Spirituality” as a Concept of Value for the Contemporary Practice of Public Administration”
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Ramon Delgado (Fall 2009)
“Leadership Behaviors of School Principals in Puerto Rico: Does Transformational Leadership Equate with School Success?”
Principal, Dallas Independent School District – Texas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Augustine Ene (Fall 2009)
“Understanding the Influence of Personal and Organizational Values on Turnover Intentions of Direct Care Employees in Mental Health and Mental Retardation Facilities: The Case of Denton State School”
Denton State School – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Ghassan Khankarli (Fall 2009)
“The Politics of Public-Public Partnerships: The Case for Toll Roads”
Texas Department of Transportation
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Charlie Nzeakor (Fall 2009)
“How Does Competition Foster Diffusion of Innovation of Economic Development Programs in the Southwest Region”
JPMorgan Chase
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Brian Robertson (Fall 2009)
“Differences in Service Delivery and Patient Outcome between Rural and Urban Areas: The Case of Traumatic Brain Injury at a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center in North Texas”
Children’s Hospital Dallas – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Clint Shipp (Fall 2009)
“Creating the Hybrid University: Private Sources of Funding for Public Institutions of Higher Education”
The University of North Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Ronald Smith (Fall 2009)
“Historic Preservation and Decision Networks: The Collin County Courthouse (1979-2004)”
Superintendent, Parks and Recreation, City of Plano – Texas
Professor: Simon Fass

David Stephens (Fall 2009)
“The Determinants of Municipal Wireless Innovation Projects in Large U.S. Cities”
IT Director, City of Plano – Texas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Kurt Steward II (Fall 2009)
“The Career Paths of City Managers: A Quantitative Approach for Determining the Impact of City Population on City Managers’ Career Paths”
Consultant, Optimal Solutions – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Thomas Allen (Summer 2009)
“Local Governments as Interest Groups: The Case of the Base Realignment and Closure Commission Process”
The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Eric Click (Summer 2009)
“The Impact of the Growth Machine on Public Financing of Professional Sports Facilities: The Case of the St. Louis Cardinals”
Polk College – Florida
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Benjamin Gaddis (Summer 2009)
“Implementing Local Economic Development Capacity Building Programs: The Case of Bulgaria”
Inspector General HHS Dallas – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Hilla Hargis (Summer 2009)
“Not to be Overlooked: How the United States Supreme Court Shapes the Administrative State”
Collin College – Texas
Professor: Stephanie Newbold

Jessica Hickey (Summer 2009)
“The Social Identity of Hispanics/Latinos in the Senior Executive Service: Representative Bureaucracy in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government”
Medicare/Medicaid Center Dallas – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Matthew King (Summer 2009)
“In-Prison Education and Recidivism: A Narrative Inquiry on the Impact of In-Prison Education on Former Inmates in the State of Texas”
City of Grand Prairie – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Margaret Knight (Summer 2009)
“The Effect of Hospital Organizational Characteristics on the Occurrence and Reporting of Postoperative Complications”
The University of Tennessee
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Muthukumar Nachiappan Subbiah (Summer 2009)
“Relationship Dynamics in Public Private Partnerships and Its Impact on Outcomes: The Role of Values and Interactions”
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Osman Seyhan (Summer 2009)
“Identifying Social and Political Correlates of National Human Trafficking Scores: An Extension of Bales’s Theory of Modern Slavery”
Turkish National Police
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Jacqueline Zee (Summer 2009)
“Neighborhood Decline and Residential Burglary: An Empirical Analysis Based on Code Violation Data”
Analyst, Federal Law Enforcement Agency
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Britt Berrett (Spring 2009)
“Utilizing Transformational Leadership in Hospital Strategic Planning: The Case of Medical City Dallas Hospital”
Executive Vice President, Texas Health Resources and President, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Vicki Finn (Spring 2009)
“Alternatively-Trained Versus Traditionally-Trained Teachers: The Principals’ Perspective”
Dallas Independent School District – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

N’Kenge Gibson (Spring 2009)
“Perceptions of Fairness in a Federal Pay for Performance System”
U.S. GAO Dallas – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Rhiannon Nicole Velasquez Prisock (Spring 2009)
“A Grounded Theory Study of the Religious View Points Anti-Discrimination Act in Texas School Districts”
Director of Government Affairs, Adaptive Architecture Inc. – Texas
Professors: Douglas J. Watson & Stephanie Newbold

Shirley Rowe (Spring 2009)
“The Influence of Shootings on Change in Emergency Planning at Texas Four-Year Colleges and Universities”
Southern Methodist University – Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Ronald Timmons (Spring 2009)
“Sensory Overload as a Factor in Crisis Decision-Making and Communications by Emergency First Responders”
City of Plano – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Alecia Cobb (Fall 2008)
“Assessing the Effectiveness of Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs for Secondary Students in the Dallas Independent School District”
Dallas Independent School District – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Geraldine Kepler (Fall 2008)
“Developing Social Capital through Elite Merit Programs: The Case of Southern Methodist University”
Southern Methodist University – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Habib Ozdemir (Fall 2008)
“Can a Police Department Utilize Organizational Learning to Improve its Capacity? A Case Study of Arlington Police Department’s Manager Management”
Turkish National Police
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Zeki Pamuk (Fall 2008)
“An Analysis of Employee Self-Concepts, Hierarchical Position and Attitudes Toward Reorganization in a Federal Agency: A Self-Affirmation Approach”
Turkish National Police
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Ilker Pekgozlu (Fall 2008)
“Planned Change in a Law Enforcement Organization”
Turkish National Police
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Mark Stallo (Fall 2008)
“The Relationship between Section 8 Housing and Deterioration in Dallas Neighborhoods: A Spatial Analysis”
Dallas Police Department – Texas
Professor: Paul Tracy

Karabi Bezboruah (Summer 2008)
“For-Profit Organizations for Social Change: An Analysis of Philanthropic Decision-Making by North Texas Based Corporations”
The University of Texas at Arlington
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Melanie Hornsby (Summer 2008)
“Administration of Transparency: The Effects of the Public Information Act on Texas Counties”
HNTB – Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Suzanne Rivera (Spring 2008)
“Social Inequality in Biomedical Research”
The University of Texas Southwestern
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Karen Jarrell (Fall 2007)
“Bureaucracy Confronts Reality: A Case Study of The University of Texas at Dallas’ Response to Hurricane Katrina”
Assistant VP Financial Aid and Academic Records/Clinical Assistant Professor, Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Edith Krutilek (Fall 2007)
“The Struggle to Improve High School Outcomes: A Case Study of the Starting Smart Program”
Dallas Independent School District – Texas
Professor: Simon Fass

Adrian Velazquez Vazquez (Fall 2007)
“Social Exclusion in America: Informing Public Policy Through the Mexican Immigrant Experience”
The University of Illinois
Professors: Douglas J. Watson & Kimberly Kempf-Leonard

Amparo Hakemack (Summer 2007)
“Educational Reform: Innovating for Shadow Children”
Dallas Independent School District – Texas
Professor: Simon Fass

Larry Terry II (Summer 2007)
“Administrative Reform and European Union Integration: Examining the Role of New Public Management in the Republic of Montenegro”
Long Island University – New York
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Charles Williams (Summer 2007)
“An Analysis of the Effects of Inter-Jurisdictional Information Sharing Between Federal and Local Law Enforcement Organizations on Alien Arrests in North Central Texas”
Lecturer, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: L. Douglas Kiel

Susan Ballabina (Spring 2007)
“Improving Organizational Effectiveness: Use of Volunteers to Deliver Public Services”
Texas A&M University
Professor: Simon Fass

Andrea Hilburn (Spring 2007)
“Parental Involvement: Does One Size Fit All? A Grandparent Study”
Dallas Independent School District – Texas
Professor: Susan McElroy

Deardra Hayes-Whigham (Fall 2006)
“No Homeless Child Left Behind: The McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Improvement Act in Dallas”
Dallas Independent School District – Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Daniel Johnson (Fall 2006)
“A Study of the Effects of Test-Drive Accountability on Perceptions of Principals in the Dallas Independent School District”
Dallas Independent School District – Texas
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Kimberly Aaron (Summer 2006)
“Fascinating Rhythm: The Relationship between Nonprofit Performing Arts Organizations and a Municipal Performing Arts Venue”
Director/Clinical Assistant Professor, The Institute of Public Affairs, The University of Texas Dallas
Professors: Richard K. Scotch & Douglas J. Watson

Alicia Schortgen (Summer 2006)
“The Face of Donors in America: Who Gives & Why It Matters”
The University of North Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Mark Dobeck (Spring 2006)
“Securities Exchange Demutualization and Organizational Change Management: Impact and Implications for the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)”
Assistant Professor, Management & Labor, Nance College of Business Administration, Cleveland State University – Ohio
Professor: Lloyd J. Dumas

Kimberly Holmes (Spring 2006)
“Voting Rights Policy Implementation, Election Format and Local Minority Political Representation in Alabama: 1965-2000”
The University of Kentucky
Professor: Douglas J. Watson

Thomas Wilson (Spring 2006)
“Texas Charter Schools and Texans Who Influenced Public Policy to Achieve a Common Goal”
Pastor, Oak Cliff Community Church – Texas
Professor: Richard K. Scotch

Nicolas Valcik (Fall 2005)
“The Protection of Physical Assets in Research Universities for Biological HAZMAT: Policies, Practices and Improvements”
Associate Director, Strategic Planning and Analysis/Clinical Assistant Professor of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Lawrence Redlinger

Floun’say Caver (Summer 2005)
“Policy Punctuations, City Governance Structures, & Budgetary Changes in American Cities”
Transportation System, City of Cleveland – Ohio
Professor: Larry Terry