Tao Wei MS’13

Applied Sociology

CRM Insights Manager

Houston, TX

What do you do?

I work with consumer & sales data to identify product preferences, purchase behaviors, and optimal messaging strategies. I really enjoy the challenges of putting theory into practice and presenting complex statistical findings into relatable, actionable narratives.

How has your EPPS education informed your work? 

The MS in Applied Sociology program at EPPS blended technically focused courses featuring SPSS, Stata, and R with theory and research methodology. It has been foundational in my professional career.

What value has your EPPS degree and your time in EPPS and at UT Dallas brought to your life and/or your work? 

Above all, my time at EPPS equipped me with the skills needed to identify the right questions, and to find actionable answers. Take advantage of the amazing faculty at EPPS; I credit Dr. Skaggs with helping me find my passion for research.

What advice would you give current and future EPPS students?

It might sound cliche, but learning how to learn is invaluable. Regardless of the type of degree you pursue, the underlying skills you’ll acquire are highly applicable in all settings. Take advantage of UT Dallas’ sprawling and diverse alumni network. Its reputation affords students endless opportunities for professional and educational advancement.