Steve Bishopp MS’09, PhD’13


Home: Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

UT Dallas Degree: MS – Criminology, 2009 and PhD – Criminology, 2013
Profession: Sergeant of Police

My Work

My job at CPI is very broad and limited only in that it must involve academic research, assistance with grants and publication in peer-reviewed journals when possible. I conduct empirical research in many areas related to criminology but focus on evidence-based policing, crime prevention and theory. I direct research for the Dallas Police Department on an as needed basis and act as a consultant for studies being run by individual units within the department. I also collaborate with outside researchers and institutions. Currently, this service includes acting as a policing expert in projects covering recidivism, social behavior, and homelessness.

How do you use your EPPS education?

That is a tough question. I would say that my interactions with subordinates and command staff are greatly informed by my education. I am occasionally consulted about my professional opinion/suggestions regarding certain issues in policing. Questions come from leaders within my agency as well as those in other agencies. I try very hard to continue bridging the gap between policing and academia by applying what I learned while in graduate school.

My EPPS Success

Without the faculty, I simply would not have been able to complete the program. The criminology faculty members are always willing to help, provide constructive feedback and are a constant source of encouragement.

Advice for EPPS Students

As you make your way through the graduate program, remember that your education is not the end of your learning, it is your ticket to learning more! Be dedicated to getting as much as you can from your experience at UT-EPPS. Remember that your work ethic, determination, perseverance, and willingness to go the extra mile will become a permanent part of your resume. Your hard work will be rewarded!