Rohan Bose BS’14

Financial Analyst – Mercer Capital

My Work
As a financial analyst with Mercer Capital, I work on the valuation of public and private companies, financial institutions, employee stock ownership plans, estate and gift tax planning, and other corporate entities. My favorite thing is the exposure to a variety of industries.  In a given month I can go from working on a pro sports team, to a manufacturing company, to a bakery.  It’s interesting to learn how these various companies operate.

The Value of My Degree
A degree in economics has allowed me to approach financial analysis with a broad mindset that might be different from analysts with accounting or finance backgrounds.

Favorite UT Dallas Memory
I distinctly remember participating in Oozeball one year when it was raining and somewhat cool outside.  It was a great bonding experience and I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

Advice for EPPS Students
Always try to maintain your networks.  You never know where your opportunities will come from.  Part of the reason I got the opportunity at Mercer Capital was that I stayed in touch a friend with whom I played intramural soccer at UT Dallas.