Rachel Markowitz BA’08

Go abroad! There’s so much out there to see and do.

Home: Currently – Kigali, Rwanda. In fall 2014, I will live in Tel Aviv, Israel. Then in spring 2015, I will move to Austin, Texas.

UT Dallas Degree: BA – Political Science, 2008 
Pursuit: Master’s Degree in Global Policy Studies at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT Austin

UT Dallas Achievements

I was a Eugene McDermott Scholar and a National Merit Scholar. The McDermott Scholars Program in particular enabled me to be fully absorbed in my studies at the UTD community. It also got me connected to the greater Dallas area.

My Work

As a Master’s Degree student I am currently studying and interning in positions that focus on international development and conflict transformation. My specific passion is for using sports, especially Ultimate Frisbee, in community-building activities to train young people in non-violent ways to engage in conflict.

Honors/accolades, additional degrees received, and/or previous work/positions held

Bill Archer Fellow (2006); commencement speaker at UTD (2008); Fulbright Student Researcher in Morocco (2008-09); consultant at the Agency of Partnership for Progress in Morocco (2010); program leader for Crossing Borders Education (2010-2011); Student Affairs Coordinator at IES Abroad – Rabat (2011-2013); Facilitator at the Academy of American and International Law (in Plano, ’07, ’08, ’13); Crook Fellow (2014); Intern on East and Southern Africa at Search for Common Ground (2014)

The Value of My Degree

My degree from UTD launched my career by helping me secure a Fulbright grant so I could move to Morocco. Studying political science in particular gave me the tools to engage in development work and policy analysis.

My EPPS Success

The dedicated professors, especially Dr. Champagne, Dr. Dow, Dr. Harpham and Dr. Chevrier contributed to my success.

Advice for EPPS Students

Go abroad! There’s so much out there to see and do.