Welcome to Volume 8, Issue 2 of the Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology (JQCJC).

It is my pleasure to announce the publication of the latest issue of the Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology (JQCJC). The Winter 2020 issue is the second of four issues to be published in Volume 8 as we move toward publishing four issues per year. I want to thank all of our contributors for choosing the journal as an outlet for their work. A big thank you to all of our reviewers who devoted their time and hard work to reviewing manuscripts for the journal.

The journal's mission is to publish high quality research that consists of original qualitative research, articles that deal with qualitative research methodologies, and book reviews relevant to both qualitative research and methodologies. Please consider contributing to the journal.

The current issue, Volume 8, Issue 2, may be accessed at the "current issue" tab below and all other issues may be accessed via the "archive" tab to the left.

Lynne M. Vieraitis Editor, JQCJC

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