The University of Texas at Dallas

EPPS Undergraduate Honors Program

The School Honors Program in the School of EPPS provides eligible students with the opportunity for recognition at the Program level for outstanding scholarly performance in degree programs within the School. In order to earn EPPS honors, a student must:

  • Graduate with an overall GPA of 3.500 or higher

  • Graduate with a GPA of 3.750 or higher in their major program of study

  • Register for three to six Senior Honors semester credit hours with a faculty supervisor or mentor and complete the honors thesis

  • The Honors paper must be submitted to a faculty mentor or supervisor at least three weeks prior to the last day of classes for the term. It is then critiqued by the mentor and returned to the student for revisions and must be resubmitted by the last day of classes of the term. At that point, a second reader is asked to evaluate the paper.

  • Students must apply no later than 30 semester credit hours prior to graduation and no earlier than 60 semester credit hours prior to graduation.

  • Students should contact an academic advisor for an application.