Wondering what it’s like at UT Dallas and EPPS? Check out what our student bloggers are saying.

Sevval Aydogan

Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey
Major: Economics

Hello everyone! My name is Sevval Aydogan. I was born and lived majority of my life in Istanbul, Turkey. I live in Plano and graduated from Plano Senior High School. Here at UTD, I am majoring in Economics. Since I am from Turkey, Turkish is my native language, I can also speak in German, and I’ve started learning Spanish and American Sign Language. Playing piano, traveling, reading (especially dystopias and George Orwell is my favorite author) and visiting art galleries (especially to see Frida Kahlo’s and Rene Magritte’s artworks) are my favorite activities to do in my free time. I love volunteering so I try to go to North Texas Food Bank to volunteer as much as I can. I am also currently a member of “Unicef at UTD”. I adore people who are open-minded and productive and in college it’s my goal to be one of those people. Whoosh!

Audrey Cook

Hometown: Keller, Texas
Major: Public Affairs

My name is Audrey, and I am a junior Public Affairs major. I love nonprofit work, quirky music and going to places I have never been before. After graduating, I hope to make it to all seven continents and work for an organization that shares my passion to help make the world a more worthwhile place to live. I am looking forward to a great year.

Maddie Keith

Hometown: Garland, Texas
Major: Political Science

Hi Everyone! My name is Maddie Keith and I’m a freshman here at UTD currently majoring in Political Science. I was born here in Dallas and graduated from Garland High School(Gig ‘Em Owls!) so I am a very proud Texan. I love to write, I’m a huge reader and generally just a huge nerd, but I also love playing sports and spending time outdoors hiking or rock climbing. I’m a musician(Piano and violin) and I love just about every genre of music out there so I would happily have a 2 hour conversation with you about different songs and artists. I haven’t quite nailed down a career path yet but, whatever I do, I’d like to effect people’s lives for the better, and I think words are a powerful way to do that so I’m excited to share my thoughts and ideas with anyone willing to listen.

Amy Nguyen

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Major: Political Science

Amy is a political science major who has an undying love for learning. When she is not studying, she loves to spend time learning foreign languages, traveling to all corners of the Earth, exploring her passion for food, mentoring her peers, and volunteering in her community. Amy intends to continue not only impacting the world as a whole but also the world of each and every person she meets.

Brennan Stout

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major: Geospatial Information Sciences

Hello all, I’m Brennan Stout, a freshman studying GIS, or Geospatial Information Sciences basically maps and computers. I hail from Houston, but am originally from North Carolina. As for my interests, simply put I’m a nerd. Video games, D&D, and lots of books you name it. I am an active member of both the UTD Tabletop and Philosophy clubs. Writing is something I enjoy, and if it helps a few of you avoid the potholes I feel in read away. And with that I bid you adieu.