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EPPS Celebrates Green Hall Renovations

After nearly half a semester of renovations and construction, UT Dallas has unveiled the new and improved atrium for Green Hall. Students and faculty alike celebrated the reopening of the atrium with pizza and hot dogs recently as the university revealed the changes to one of UT Dallas' original buildings.

The biggest and most notable changes involve the pit found in Green Hall's atrium. First, the open stairway in the atrium has been removed. To help compensate for this change, workers have replaced the doors to the west stairway with doors that will remain open except during fire alarms. Since the west stairway is expected to bear most of the traffic from the old stairway in the atrium, these doors will help maintain the smooth flow of foot traffic.

The pit itself has also been refitted with new desks and chairs, and plenty of electrical outlets. Administrators hope that students will be able to use the new accommodations to study and spend time together as UT Dallas continues to build upon its strong community spirit.

These renovations started over Winter Break alongside new construction projects in the north end of the mall just outside Green Hall. The mall is still under construction.

Construction caused some disruption and inconvenience earlier on in the semester, but the final results have proven to be worth it and show the kinds of changes that will continue to take place as UT Dallas expands and improves.