Ali Garcia BA’12

Always follow your dreams and never stop the learning process – we should strive to learn something new each and every day!

Home: Dallas, Texas

UT Dallas Degree: BA – Public Affairs, Minor – Visual Arts, 2012
Profession: Case Analyst, Ortiz Law Firm

My Work

I’m currently working as a case analyst at the Ortiz Law Firm. As this is an immigration firm, it’s crucial and necessary for each of our clients to have proper documentation and proof of physical presence in the country in order to adjust their status. I examine each case for specific evidence that benefits our clients and I’m in charge of compiling evidence, interviewing clients and working directly with clients to complete their paperwork for immigration.

The Value of My Degree

Because public affairs is so broad, I had the opportunity to take a wide range of classes and learn numerous concepts and skills that no other degree would have provided me. A degree in public affairs has helped me in my career in several areas including organizational behavior, management, conflict resolution, law, civil and human rights (especially when it comes to immigration law), international relations and leadership. Those are just a few of the concepts from classes that have transferred to the real world, many of which are applicable at work.

My EPPS Success

The best part about UT Dallas is all the great people you meet, including the faculty members. Having an amazing faculty who encourage and challenge students to be analytical and creative within their classrooms, and who teach with “real world” scenarios, was a huge factor in my EPPS success. Also influential were all the great services UT Dallas had to offer.

Advice for EPPS Students

Go to class. Remember that your professors are there to help you to succeed in life. Also, it’s your money, so get your money’s worth! Always follow your dreams and never stop the learning process – we should always strive to learn something new each and every day.