A bachelor’s degree in sociology prepares students for a range of careers including social science and marketing research, social services, teaching, human resources, public relations and healthcare administration. Graduates also pursue advanced studies in law, social work, counseling, public administration, public policy, and criminal justice and medicine. A master’s degree in applied sociology equips students with the research and analytical skills needed for careers in policy analysis, program development and evaluation and quantitative and qualitative data analysis. 

Our program includes the study of race and ethnicity, gender studies, data analysis, workplace structures and occupations, education and religious institutions. 

Sociology coursework provides excellent preparation for pre-health students planning to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), which began including a section about the social and behavioral sciences in 2015. Our program offers courses in public health and society, epidemiology, global health, mental health and the aging society, which also can be taken for our public health minor.

Students can receive guidance on preparing for law school through the Pre-Law Advising and Resource Center. The Sociology Club offers opportunities for students to get involved and explore topics in sociology outside the classroom.

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Joanna Haug

The professors in EPPS are incredibly accessible and helpful. I regularly meet with my professors to discuss classwork, but they have also helped me to plan and brainstorm for the future.